Why choose plastic rattan and plastic wood material for outdoor furniture?

Posted By:Leisure Touch Rattan | October 14,2020

When you go out from indoors, you will see many types of outdoor furniture. There is a kind of garden furniture, the surface looks like wood, but it is not the wood.It is plastic wood, a product that is made from PS as a raw material.

rattan material for outdoor furniture

Plastic wood is specially used for outdoor design table and chair. It has the characteristics of All-weather、UV-resistant、Durable and so on. We are a large outdoor furniture material factory who producing this plastic wood material.

In China, there is more than 40 years history for weaving technology of garden furniture. From the beginning, the most original real rattan material was used frequently. But now, the increasingly popular plastic rattan material is instead of the real rattan and used for outdoor.

Rattan material for outdoor furniture weaving technology is similar to the real rattan material. But plastic rattan material is more insect-resistant, more durable and more customized according to outdoor furniture requirements. So it is more and more reused in the field of garden furniture weaving.

We are an outdoor furniture material factory who has more than 25 years of history, specializing in the production of patio furniture materials. I believe you will find the models which used in weaving your wicker furniture.

rattan material for outdoor furniture

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