Leisure Touch Rattan in 40th CIFF (Guangzhou)

Posted By:Leisure Touch Rattan | January 21,2021

Leisure Touch Rattan attends the 40th CIFF (China International Furniture Fair) in Guangzhou from Sept 11th to 14th, 2017, we bring shining new products and showcase the charm of vitality for outdoor furniture plastic rattan

Our sales teams show very professional skills and satisfied services to all the clients stopped by in our booth.

Outdoor furniture plastic rattan

Our factory developed 50 new plastic rattans and brought them to the exhibition, attracting domestic and foreign customers. They all expressed their affirmation and praise for our outdoor furniture plastic rattan. Innovation has always been our goal.

Here are some question they asked:

Q1: Can I make a trial order?
A:Yes, sure. A trial order starts from 200kg/model or you can simply pick some in-production models at 50kg/model.

Q2: Could you send me all of your samples?
A:Free samples are available anytime. However, less is more. We will help you determine what samples are necessary instead of sending you all our 5000 samples.

Q3: Can you make prototype as per my samples or requirements?
A:With a professional and sophisticated R&D team, we initiate new designs every quarter, which enables us to prototype your samples effectively and efficiently with a minimum similarity of 95%.

Q4: Can you tell me about popular rattans for my market?
A:Our sales team has proven expertise in understanding different markets and countries. Please feel free to contact them at any time for consultancy purpose. Currently, our top 3 markets are Southeast Asia, South America and Africa.


Leisure Touch Rattan will stand together with all our clients, we are giving more than taking from our clients.

Contact us soon if you want to expand your business with our assistance!

Outdoor furniture plastic rattan

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