What is synthetic rattan? How do you choose synthetic rattan chairs?

Posted By:Leisure Touch Rattan | July 13,2021

Synthetic rattan, also called PE rattan, is a material that imitates natural rattan, it is made of polyethylene, it is much more durable than natural rattan.

Synthetic rattan chair

The high quality synthetic rattan stands out for being very resistant and durable. Withstands UV radiation, rain, salt (in coastal areas) and other factors without problems. Low maintenance, just wash with water. On the other hand, PE rattan, if available in various colors, can satisfy most people's need, meanwhile, it is much cheaper than natural rattan. If we think of garden furniture, the next thing will be synthetic rattan. It is an ecological material, more popular every day. Synthetic rattan chairs are becoming more popular every day.


Synthetic rattan chair

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