Feedback Of PE Rattan From Our customer

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I like your PE rattan for garden set

-Feedback from our Alibaba


As a leading manufacturer, we always care about the after sale service for the customer who purchased our outdoor furniture rattan, plastic wood and also garden furniture.


Today we want to share the reviews from Alibaba.

Click into the Alibaba page, you could find that we are the Gold Supplier for 8 years!

During the time, we heard the voices from customers and improve our service all the time.

Sea Grass

Feedback 1: material rattan order 2400kg-Canada-5stars reviews

Naseem Evin: Enough quantity with beautiful look, I recommend.

Naseem picks the flat rattan design in brown and grey color for his market. And then we ship to his rattan garden furniture factory to do the weaving.

PE rattan


Feedback 2: PE rattan order 1500kg-Canada-5stars reviews

Clarke Chase: That's my second time to order, thanks very much for your great help Eyko, you are really professional.

As wholesaler, Clarke gives us feedback every time after his order. He told us the popular plastic rattan styles in Canada, and wants to develop new rattan design with our factory.

PE rattan


Feedback 3: garden rattan sample-Colombia-5stars reviews

Juan Cruz: lo reconiendo son puntuales y te ayudan en lo q ocupas correctamente

Juan is a customer from Colombia but lives in USA right now. He goes after his father’s step and wants to open an garden furniture outdoor shop. For now, he received the PE rattan samples with pleased.

PE rattan




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