Elongation Testing

Posted By:Leisure Touch | October 16,2020

As a professional manufacturer in the area of outdoor furniture material, we have our own showroom and in-house-lab. After production, we will do the quality tested in our in-house-lab to make sure our garden rattan and polywood material with standard quality. Today we are going to introduce one of the testing: Elongation Testing.

Elongation Testing Machine

Elongation is a measure for the ductility of garden rattan as determined by a tension test. It is increasing in the gauge-length of a test specimen after fracture divided by its original gauge-length. For example, after the production of wicker, a period of it will be cut for testing. Then we need to set the parameter, put the rattan up and start the equipment. Finally, the report will be printed after testing. Higher elongation means higher ductility.

As the picture shown, we can see the report for our garden rattan of Elongation Testing. Welcome to order and test our plastic rattan!


Garden Rattan

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